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Vishva Senthilkumar MPH – Dental Therapist

Registered with GDC 307719

Masters in Public Health University of Chester

As a Dental Therapist, Vishva educates and supports patients to maintain high standards of oral health, as well as promoting wider systemic health, by preventing and treating periodontal disease and providing oral health advice. He also delivers a range of direct restorative treatments to all age group patients and can extract paediatric or baby teeth. As an overseas qualified dentist, Vishva is working as a therapist and hygienist whilst he completes the ORE examination for overseas dental graduates. He worked as an endodontist, carrying out root fillings, in India, but here he does not undertake complex restorative treatment or procedures associated with the pulp in the adult teeth. These treatments are outside the scope of a dental therapist in the UK.